Always a prize

Fishing ducklings at a Flemish fair : you always get a prize.

Although when we say in Flanders “I got prize again” (English expression ? I got a catch ? I am a winner ?), we mean we have bad luck.  Bingo, I am the one who has the bad luck such as an accident, health problems, complications in healing, things with a defect, …

Until recently (or is it still so ?) a very common prize at the ducklings stall was a …. goldfish !  The fish made many children very happy.  The fish themselves needed a lot of luck  to end alive and well in a bowl of which the owner did not forget them after some time.

Some years ago the plastic duckling at once became so cool ( a gadget ) and  ducklings in all colors and sizes and decorations became THE thing to hang at your bag, to put on your desk, …

Maybe there is a connection between this popularity and the duck race, a fund raising project of Red Cross Flanders ?  Since 1997 ( and now still ? ) every year 20.000 yellow plastic numbered ducklings are dropped in the river IJzer to race for the finish in Nieuwpoort, at the Flemish coast.  Does someone has a picture of all these ducklings swimming ?

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always a prize way to go! love it! but can't help you with the photograph, i'm afraid ...

Gepost door: anna | 12-10-05

ducklings? Wow !!! Only,....my cats would rather eat them..., as well as the gold fisch...

Gepost door: Eric | 14-10-05

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