Escalator to ...

… the land of chocolate.  Picture taken in the subway in Antwerp.  Commercial of Côte d’Or chocolate ( Gold Coast - Ghana , place where they got their cacao in the beginning ).  Their logo is an elephant with palm trees.  The mark exists since 1883 and the image of the elephant is very known.

The land of chocolate ? Chocolate first is imported in Flanders and the Netherlands during the Spanish occupation  in the 16th century  (well, well, a bright side).  The Spanish learned to know the drink when they invaded Mexico.  And there the use of  tchocoatl goes back to the culture of the Maya’s , who already had cacao plantations around the years 600 !!  

Remember from history class : coffee, tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco, turkeys, … were other new products that the Spanish brought into Europe

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darwin Yes, memories and increased production of saliva suddenly appeared when i was reading your comment on chocolades. It has been a long time since if had one of them

greetings bart

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