The castle walking tour …

… in Gaasbeek : a pillory, dragons in a shield above the church entrance, meadows, cows, sheep, horses, a burling deer (in autumn and behind a fence), beautiful restored farm houses, corn, Buzzards circling above a castle domain and oh : what is this excited whistling above ?

Ring-necked Parakeets (Halsbandparkieten) : a group of  5, another of 10, 10 more arriving and altogether yelling around a Buzzard’s ears until he flies to a safer place (these exotics -living in and around Brussels - know how to survive !), and then :

the Castle of Gaasbeek : this castle is WONDERFUL and the domain has even more surprises.

The tour is 7,5 km.  Description and map : http://www.wandelenbacob.be/html/wandeling.asp?taal=nederlands&id=WAND26b&topic=2

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