A Wappy makes you happy

It was in 1999-2000 : a hype of a new bringer of good luck, an amulet : the Wappy.  What is it ? Spector ( photography business) called it a Chinese ladybird and it grew out to a popular guardian angel … for as long as it lasted.  You could buy it and give it ( a way to bring your friends and family luckiness ;-) but you could also get it in return for a coupon or as a gift with a certain product.  There were Wappy’s decorated with dots, Christmas trees, hearts, stars, … How international was it ? Was there a stars and stripes Wappy ?

Picture : it was a dark autumn day yesterday but some just washed cuddly toys ( on the left : a Wappy) , drying on the heating, make it cozy. 

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wappy Have you any wappy's to buy? Because i collect them, i have more than 100 wappy's on this moment

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