WHY ??

oh why do they have to turn everything upside down in supermarkets just when you know where all products can be find ?

I once heard that if you know where all products are, you shop too efficient : you just get the things on your list and you’re out, you don’t spend time looking around, you get no chance to notice ( AND BUY ) other products.  So they put the bread where the socks were, the eggs where the cookies were, the drinks where the shampoos were … : it makes me want to turn back immediately.   But no I have to face this and search myself a way to find the stuff on my list.  I only look for the most necessary things, so I buy less and I am out of there.

When all the groceries are on their usual place, THEN I have time to notice (new) products, make some comparisons, buy things that are not on my list,  not the other way round !! So, turning everything upside down gets a zero from me for sales tactics.

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YES YES! totally agree, just want to run away when this happens, feels like they steal energy from me that i much prefer to spend on other things. like your visualization :-)

Gepost door: anna | 16-11-05

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