Inside the Dansing Chocola

I can count the times that I dare to go for a drink in a pub on my own on my one hand.  But after my long walk yesterday, I really got cold.  The Dansing Chocola or The holy house (Het heilig huisje) ? (both on the picture with the holy figures) The first seems a bit more inviting. Inside it is cozy and warm.  There is a light smell of toilets (let's ignore that).  I order a cup of tea : I get a mug (ancient too) with a crack in it from the top to the bottom and it is so convincing that I expect the hot water to be streaming out of the cup at the back, but it isn’t : a layer of glazing keeps the drink in the mug.  I sip at my tea on my own and look around a bit.  The feather lights spread warm colors.  People are friendly talking with each other.  Yes, this is a cozy place, but I wished I wasn’t alone.

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