Card holder

At least you can use it as a card holder.  It comes from Japan and I don’t know what the figure on it means.  I once found a website about it … in Japanese.  So, if someone knows more about it ?

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Hmmmm......... I'm not sure what to make of the Sumo Wrestler pictures in the background. Are you a Sumo fan? As for the symbol, in the Japanese culture a smiling woman would be unusual

Gepost door: R.E. | 01-12-05

head? the "head" has an - how shall i put it - interesting shape, very similar to another body part shown in the sumo picture just above :-)

Gepost door: anna | 02-12-05

um... i can't say the face looks familiar. just a decoration, i guess. no special meaning. where did you get it?

Gepost door: ariuna | 03-12-05

Kagoshima It comes from Kagoshima. The figure had a whole website, where it was flying around with the flower in his hands or paws as a sort of bringer of good luck, but of course the text could have said anything :-)

Gepost door: Hildegarde | 03-12-05

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