I am so fond of the Quercus robur

(Zomereik - English oak, pedunculate oak, truffle oak)

His splendid autumn coloring is only one of his enchanting characteristics.

Speaking of trees, the WWF sends you this message : every day about 270.000 trees are flushed down the drain or end up as garbage around the world.  Every time YOU use a toilet roll or other tissue products you might be directly contributing to environmental destruction.  SO, buy recycled toilet paper !! Read all about saving forests : http://www.panda.org/about_wwf/what_we_do/forests/what_yo...    They use two striking pictures of a toilet roll : the paper is bark.

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Mooie bladeren! Mooi hoe het licht door hen schijnt.

Gepost door: Lars | 09-12-05

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