When I saw this paper hanging on the Meir, it reminded me of a story from the time that my children were little kids.  Monkie, a monkey cuddly toy, got lost : it laid on the street, was taken by a dog, dropped somewhere else, fell in a sewer, stranded on a bank, …. I don’t remember it exactly… but finally was found by a puppet doctor, who washed and repaired it and put it in his shop window.  And there the kid who lost his dearest Monkie finds it again and is soooooooo happy.

And here a similar thing is happening !

Reward for a cuddly puppet, lost on Friday nov. 18. 

White - gray, several times repaired, 15 till 20 cm. tall,

 mouth, nose and eyes in red stitching.

Long rabbit ears and a cap.

So if you would find it, make a kid happy again !


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verdriet de drama van de emotionele waarde die aan die pop vasthangt, treft me heel erg...
daar kan ik echt van aangeslagen zijn !

Gepost door: annemie | 12-12-05

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