Sevilla : Beware for the fortune tellers however

This Plaza is also the place of the fortune tellers ( gypsies ?) .  When such a woman gets close enough to you to bless you with a little branch of Buxus, you’re lost because then you have accepted a blessing and you get a prediction as well, BUT of course it is without discussion that you pay for it !! and that you pay the price that they want you to pay for it !  That not all woman of whatever age are getting ecstatic (on the contrary ) of hearing that they will get “mucho forte bambinos”  is not yet part of their world.  I escaped, my sister in law had warned me.   I wonder what they tell the men : also mucho forte bambinos ?

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mari That's an interesting story. I wonder what they do if you refuse to pay them for invading you with their unwanted tactics?

Gepost door: mari | 09-01-06

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