Sevilla - Réal Alcazar - 2




































Robust at the outside, this palace and gardens in Mujédar style (after the Moors were conquered, the Christian rulers took Moorish craftsmen in service to decorate and build) are very refined and like a tale of 1001 nights. In the next days I will show and tell you more.

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netjes dat ziet er mij daar allemaal zo proper en zo netjes uit !

Gepost door: annemie | 14-01-06

jawel blinkend schoon :-)

Gepost door: Hildegarde | 16-01-06

mari I like that you lowered yourself to take this photo. Makes for an interesting point of view. BTW, I like the new format of your blog. I've been really busy and havn't been able to stop by as frequently.

Gepost door: mari | 20-01-06

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