Sevilla - Réal Alcazar 3





































A patio (let’s call it  an indoor garden, the word ‘binnentuin’ is not in the dictionary ) : a wise idea in a hot climate, if you ask me.  The mostly square garden (with tiles and often a fountain, a pool, orange trees) has a walking path under the next floor (supported on pillars)  : so it is most if not all of the time in the shade, and cool.   The garden has also a lot of shade because it is surrounded by the walls.  In the patio you can enjoy being outside in private and without getting sunburned or being in the full heat.

In order to deal with the heat, the royals lived downstairs in the summer.  In the winter they moved upstairs because that was warmer.

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mari What amazing tile work. Looks to be very rich in history.

Gepost door: mari | 20-01-06

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