Is this a beautiful image ?


I don’t think so.  What is it about then ?  It is about the discovery, the surprise : when I was walking in the Visspaanstraatje in Bruges, a gate that normally was closed was now open and on the courtyard stood this old café panel for beer.  Somehow this dwarf with a red panty and a red cap advertises for a GOOD beer, probably “Damme”.  I think it is an abbey beer, but I can’t find more info about it : Google guides me to the little town Damme or to Jean-Claude Van Damme and that ain’t much help.

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Pater van Damme beer Found a little bit more info about the beer, it's indeed an abbey beer: http://www.westhoekstreekproduct.be/ned/streekproducten/producten/detail.asp?ProductID=387 , couldn't find the site of the brewers fortunately.

Gepost door: Johnny | 09-02-06

@ Johnny Well, at least in Damme they should have it. Something to keep in mind when you ever visit Damme :-)

Gepost door: Hildegarde | 10-02-06

mari That's no Jean-Claude! ;) Your composition works perfectly here. That little elf is quite humorous. Almost seems like he's saying, no, no ,no....you can't have any of my beer.

Gepost door: mari | 11-02-06

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