An intention


Statue of a naked virile man ( Sevilla - Réal Alcazar 11 ), fish under this feet, a god of the sea ?  And those huge palm trees : so exotic for everybody who lives more to the north. 

Anyway : I have to place this photo here to remind me NOT to be shy when there is a photo I really want to take. 

……….  Yes, I wanted a picture of his front side J  It was a beautiful and expressive front side J and when I was looking how to take the picture and choosing a position,  some men kept standing there, looking at me all the time and I got embarrassed and so I took this picture instead of the one I really wanted to.  Shame on me !

Lately when I was in Zeeland there was a man with a huge grey beard standing at the border of the Plaat van de Vliet ( nature reserve ) and he fitted so well with the landscape, that it would have made a great picture, but I didn’t dare to ask him if I could take his picture, so this is something I really have to learn !

This man had a little car with a name painted on : de pruttelpot.  A translation trial : the simmering pot, the percolating pot.

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rank en slank H. ?? jij bent toch niet zo lang ginder geweest ? volgens mij heb je foto's geschoten gelijk een mitraillette !
gelukkig, want de blogbezoeker kan zo heel goed meegenieten !
merci, merci !!!

Gepost door: annemie | 19-02-06

mari I like how the fountain emerges to add some extra interest. Very nicely done!

Gepost door: mari | 02-03-06

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