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A promising title for an exposition (17/12/2005-26/2/2006, MuHKA = Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen = Museum of contemporary Art in Antwerp), but a BIG disappointment.  The comments in the guestbook confirmed this.  A video with stripes in the image ( Stan Douglas ) just looks likes a very bad amateur video of the old days.  If you get such a beautiful grey soft room for projecting images, then this expo is a waist of money.

Rodney Graham turned pictures of trees upside down,  a note full of pseudo-psycho-analytic comments beside it : something about standing alone, being uprooted, … :  so that wasn’t fun anymore either.  Anyway : turning trees upside down so that they seem to hang at the ceiling is not as easy as I thought.  Look what happens :

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but ... we did have a lot of fun !

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