Upside down trees

This just looks like a reflection of a tree in the water and not like a hanging tree !! So, it must be a tree standing all alone, no background and no bushes beside it either, and the sky must be white.  So, that isn’t that simple after all J  If I meet that situation one day, I’ll make a photo of it.

On nov. 12 you see a picture of the supermarket that I rotated and there everything seems to be hanging.  So maybe it is the white sky that is crucial.


While an artist is turning pictures upside down and I am considering whether that is artistic, unscrupulous wood traders cut down the forests of the Pygmies in Congo in exchange for some soap and salt. 

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rimpelloos zo rimpelloos als dat water, zou ik mijn leven ook wel willen ! :-)

Gepost door: annemie | 03-03-06

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