The kid and the Coca-Cola automat : why I like this picture


I have no idea what you think about this photo, so tell me !!

It is a slanting picture ( In a hurry I put my mini tripod on the floor, no time to adjust, the others were already leaving the fish building of the Zoo of Antwerp, but the kid and I were wild about the penguin image ) and the kid (my niece) is posing.  The frog perspective is rather weird. It is a dark picture, but the red is gorgeous.  When I brighten the picture, the red isn’t THAT red anymore.  The penguin of the automat fits so well after visiting the penguins and the under water world.  There is a part of an aquarium shining at the right, so that tells me where it was.

For myself it is a  photo for keeping because of the memory of the moment.  But what does it say to someone else ?

About the posing : I once visited a photo exposition in the train station of Bruges.  All the photos were poster size and had one till three persons standing in the middle of the picture.  They all stood there posing stiff as a stick and exactly in the middle.  They stood before a place or building that had something to do with their profession.  The effect after viewing several photos was great.  And the idea of placing a person in the middle just as you normally would avoid, appeals me very much, but of course you must have time for such a project.

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