Naked men covered with chocolate


Till march 31 you can visit an exhibition in the Concert Building in Bruges of 5 photos that Spencer Tunick made in Bruges in 2005 (May 7), surprised that it could be cold and rainy in Belgium.  So on the pictures I saw in the newspapers, most of the 2000 participants were blue and gray from the cold and that gave the main impression of viewing images of the Holocaust.

The 5 photos were special (the one of the women leaning backwards in the boats while spreading their arms as a flower got the best evaluation by some of my friends) and of course making pictures of so many naked people as a landscape is original, but they left the feeling that something more attractive could have been done when you have 2000 naked people at your disposal. 

Later on Spencer Tunick came back to Bruges and made photos of 68 naked men covered with white chocolate.  Now that already sounds more appealing !  He did so outside in February  !!! That day (feb. 5 2006) the temp. was between 0 and 2 ° C ( =  between 32 and 35.6 ° F ). I guess he wanted frosted chocolate and not melting chocolate dripping off the bodies.

The exhibition on the 6 th floor of the Concert Building ( with a great view, looking out over the city of Bruges ) also shows a video of the making of, which gives you a great impression of this event. 

Conclusion : highly recommended.

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Indeerdaad Inderdaad de foto's zijn mooi van al die naakte mensen. Eigenlijk zie je hun naaktheid niet meer. Twee jaar geleden ben ik ook naakt gefotografeerd het was een hele uitdaging maar de foto's zijn niet geworden wat ik er van wou. Is niet makkelijk iemand van boven de honderd kg mooi naakt te fotograferen dit ttvi :)
Maar je hebt ook gelijk dat we vaak niet zien wat we hebben

Gepost door: Ann | 26-03-06

mari That's pretty interesting. You have some crazy friends! :)

Gepost door: mari | 26-03-06

Die Futen daar wat lager vind ik schitterend. Je keek al uit naar dinsdag?

Gepost door: jacoja | 28-03-06

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