If the weather would be your child …


… you would say : please, behave ! don’t act so foolish !  From 2°C it jumps to 18°C (36°F to 64°F) with a blowing hard wind.  Flowers of bulbous plants open up, some early birds lay their eggs.  The higher air areas are still cold and while the sun is shining so bright that it is almost blinding after all those dark months, everything up there starts to bump, the sky suddenly turns black, thunder and lightning join the band and the sky opens a machine gun attack of pure hail.  Petals are smashed, the early birds don’t know what to begin, humans are caught in it during their outside activities and say : yes, that really are Aprilse grillen (April showers, caprices or whims of April).  And after that “shower”, the sky turns blue again and the sun shines again and they both act as if nothing has happened.

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