The Brussels butterfly


The average American has never heard of Gent ( that ain’t surprising ), but Brussels is better known then Belgium or Flanders since it is the capitol of the European Union and the headquarter of the NATO. 

So, you better present Flemish cities as parts of the Brussels butterfly, according to Sas Van Rouverij, alderman of Gent. 

The body is Brussels and Antwerp, the juncture of the wings is Gent in the west and Leuven in the east, the left wing is Brugge (Bruges) and Oostende, the other wing Hasselt and Genk.  That is also because you have to think a bit larger then we are used to in Flanders.  It is very well possible for an American to say about Oostende “Oh, I didn’t know Brussels had a beach”, while for us Flemings this is hilarious because we think in very small units.

(based on an article in De Standaard, 16/02/2006, De gemiddelde Amerikaan heeft nog nooit van Gent gehoord, Schepen Sas van Rouverij heeft boek uit over stadsmodel voor Gent, interview)


Flanders is like this : I once went to a local tavern in the polders (there where our nature organization has several nature reserves ) to make an appointment to come and eat soup after a guided visit with a group.  “Not possible”, the old lady told me, “because you are not from around here”.  I was astonished.  Indeed I did not live in the same settlement, but I live in a town of the same municipality (the distance is 15 km = 9.3 miles) and I spent all my free time in the polders and I am pretty well known as nature conservationist.  So her son had to act as a mediator to finally get “a permission” to come and consume in this tavern.  Big sigh.


Photo : Horse Parade 2005, Brussels ( 185  decorated horses for the celebration of 175 years Belgium were exhibited in Brussels, Luik, Knokke, Waregem, Antwerp and Brussels again )

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Love the horses! This is a superb shot of a great event held at the Parc Cinquantenaire. I missed this one, but it looks like great fun. Love the horses.

Gepost door: pieterbie | 03-04-06

mooi prachtige kunst ...
zag bij pieterbie aan de kust ook al zoiets moois staan,
je kunt waarschijnlijk geen foto nemen zonder mensen erbij hé

Gepost door: klaproos | 03-04-06

Spencer Tunick Ik vind zijn foto's echte kunstwerken! Heb op 7 februari eens een berichtje over hem op mijn blog gezet, daarbij een link naar een Italiaanse site www.pcnat.it (italiaanse naturistensite blijkbaar) waarop een heleboel prachtige beelden van hem te vinden zijn.

Gepost door: Dirk | 04-04-06

portretten door Spencer Tunick Interessant. Op die site zie je ook een bladzijde met portretten die hij maakt.

Gepost door: Hildegarde | 04-04-06

mari Great shot! We have something similar here in GA. (maybe it's across the USA but I'm not sure. It is will cows :) Each cow is done by a different artist or team of artists and has a theme.

Gepost door: mari | 06-04-06

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