On the attic of the church of Melsele (scanned pictures jan. 2001)


Here we (volunteers of the nature conservation organization) placed a nest box for the Barn owl (Kerkuil) in jan. 2000.  The little square in the red door is the entrance.  So far, no success.  In 2000 Barn owl was still observed in the center of the town, but later on not any more.  That’s not surprising, although disappointing,  since Melsele lost and looses a lot of his open areas for new houses and of course the quality of the remaining open spots is low.

When I was a kid I often went up the church tower with my father, who had to wind up the mechanics of the church clock every day (for free too, he is a clock maker and as a good catholic …). 

Anyway, it was one of the wonders of my childhood to watch the Barn owls glide above the upper side of the church domes in the dark galleries. 

It was one of my childhood traumas to see four Barn owls lying down dead on the wooden attic floor one day.  The bell-ringer of the church kept pigeons there and thought Barn owls ate pigeons.  In those days shooting a Barn owl could be done unpunished.

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Shame Shame that they are overexploiting Melsele. Nice enough place in an area that hasn't been so lucky. Nuclear Power Centre nearby, the village near the centre that is turned in to a ghost village...
First time that I see photos of the loft of a church.

Gepost door: pieterbie | 11-04-06

kerkje ik vind dat een gezellig kerkje (buiten) en stel me er een toch wat bourgondische pastoor bij voor....

Gepost door: f r e d | 12-04-06

uiltje ja jammer hé hildegarde,

die uiltje worden steeds zeldzamer
hier tegenover in de schuur zit elk jaar een bosuil bij onze buren,
dat is wel heel mooi om t e horen en te zien als je geluk hebt

mooie foto's van die schuur,
maak er een fijne dag van hé

Gepost door: klaproos | 12-04-06

thanks om eens langs te komen
trouwens het ziet er hier heel leuk uit met al die foto's

Gepost door: scottie | 12-04-06

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