And I got sick

A virus, a thing so small that you can not see it, knocked me down in just half a day’s time.  Twelve hours later it costs me half an hour of thinking before I can actually lift up an arm to get my bottle of water to drink, although I am very thirsty.  Three days later I am still laying in bed, drifting between fever dreams and wake ups, not knowing very well anymore what’s real and what’s not.  Day four I manage to stay up some time, I feel dizzy and all my strength is sucked away, my brain is cloudy but I have one statement to make : “viruses are scandalous, they should be forbidden !”

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agree Couldn't agree with you more.
Get well soon!

Gepost door: pieterbie | 03-05-06

hey hildegarde,
gelukkig ben je weer opgeknapt:-))))

Gepost door: klaproos | 04-05-06

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