Lemons : an overwhelming experience


While driving through the mountain area in region Malaga-Granada, we stopped along the road by an lemon orchard and were overwhelmed by the humming of bees.  Together with the many birds that always seem to sing, this was the orchestra of nature performing : an amazing wonderful experience, very contrasting to the human noise that always surrounds me in Flanders.

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I know... ...what you mean. It never seems to be quiet here in Belgium.
Must be a great treat to the senses the lemon orchard.
Reminds me somehow of the funflower fields in Italy and the south of France, or the lavender fields in the Provence.
Well exposed, your photo! Not that easy as it seems.

Gepost door: pieterbie | 08-05-06

wie? welke gele speelde de eerste (zure) viool???

Gepost door: f r e d | 09-05-06

My worst nightmare I'm allergic to bee stings and live on the edge of a citrus orchard. I know the "buzz" you're talking about too......scares me to death :-)

Gepost door: R.E. | 10-05-06

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