Which one of the statues is a living person ?


You know the phenomenon : in cities with many statues and historic buildings, some statues actually live, at least when you give them some change.  A very successful place is between the stonecutters of the cathedral of Antwerp.

The one of today was actually fun ! When money was thrown in his can, he hammered twice with his chisel and that produced a  very clear cheery metal sound.  New passengers looked up.  By that time he was motionless again and the attention was caught.  Which one is the street performer ? Until someone dropped some money and one of the statues smiled, waved or hammered twice.  A good act !

And it is the one on top on the right.  Did you guess it ?

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quizzzzzz??? ik ben niet zo'n guesser!

Gepost door: f r e d | 14-05-06

knap Knap gedaan van zo'n kunstenaar,
ik sta mijn ogen altijd uit te kijken naar die artiesetn
nee ik had niet kunnen zien wie de echte was...
héél knap gedaan

maak er een fijne dag van

Gepost door: klaproos | 14-05-06

Yep, I guessed. But it wasn't that difficult. A bronze ladder asks for a bronze figure.
The one standing up: looks a bit ambitious for a real live artist. So it had to be the one on the right. Great picture, I like the way you caught the passers by making this a brilliant piece of street photography.

Gepost door: pieterbie | 14-05-06

mari That's fantastic! I wish we had that kind of entertainment here :)

Gepost door: mari | 16-05-06

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