Let me tell you about the conditions for making photos of this event


when you have the aim to let it look as medieval as possible :

  • You have your standing place or your seat for the duration of the procession,
  • you can’t walk around,
  • you are surrounded by people,
  • your focus is small,
  • you have some short intervals that you can put a step forward on the street (if you stand on a place without crush barriers),
  • the sun turns !! (and that’s what I forgot ! I checked the sun during an exploring tour, I thought : good, the sun is behind this row of houses, but then you have to wait until the procession comes and the procession itself takes 1 ½ hour and meanwhile the sun does not stand still, of course !!! )
  • so, you have the sunlight as it is and you can’t change your position towards it
  • even if you search your standing place as good as possible : trees in the background, nice old buildings, a cobble stone street, … : a “zone 30, slow down please” poster or a red mailbox or whatever sneaks into your view, so your picture radius diminishes even more
  • the procession proceeds (of course), so not much time to adjust your camera, to focus, …
  • and also note that the weather was very changing (the brightest sunshine alternated with shadow bringing clouds)


Let me tell you, it is a real challenge, it is exciting and it is fun !

Let me also tell you that it delivered some images of knights without a head and horses without feet and that this was not due to a joust.

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Torture I wouldn't be able to stand it. The waiting, the suboptimal conditions.
Thanks for convincing me not to go next time :-)

Gepost door: pieterbie | 30-05-06

pet zo'n muts wil ik ook...nee, ik wil er twee. één voor door de week; één voor de zondag.....

Gepost door: f r e d | 31-05-06

Héél herkenbaar... Vooral de zon die stilaan draait en dan pàl in je cam gaat schijnen! ;o)

Gepost door: gerdaYD | 31-05-06

man wat hebben julie toch een mooie mannen. Mijn kleindochters in het hoge noorden van Nederland zijn helemaal weg van vlaamse jongens,: die zijn niet houterig en grof,
en hebben eez klankvolle stem.

Gepost door: fialas | 31-05-06

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