Beaufort II

Yesterday I visited 4 works of art of Beaufort II (an outside exposition of works of art along the Belgian coastline).  To make the title real the wind was blowing hard, but the sun was present too.  With the coast tram you can travel very easy to the locations that you select, you can walk along the beach as far as you can and want, and then take the tram again.  It is a very pleasant manner to travel along the coastline and let you surprise by the art works.  I have some photos, but they have to wait a little while until I've finished my selection of photos of … the Procession of the Holy Blood as you might have guessed. Until June 11 there is an exposition in Antwerp of photos of  KAREL RIMANQUE ( Galerie Het vijfde huis ) , photos that present an unique look on the world of allotment gardens ( volkstuintjes ).  I always thought of allotment gardens as ‘quite a mess’ until more recently I started to see that it was a typical phenomenon of our time and place.  Garden houses and green houses in allotment gardens are often build of all sorts of reused and garbage like material and there seems to be a tendency that used materials stay there and never are cleaned up.  Anyway, K. Rimanque knows how to catch enchanting beauty by making use of reflections and looks through steamed up and moss-grown windows and plastic.  And the benefits of the sale are for Vredeseilanden (an support organization for poor farmers in the south).  The movie ‘THE PROMISE’ (Wu ji) of CHEN KAIGE is a Chinese fairytale and wuxia ( a Chinese sword epic ).  If you are a fairytale fanatic AND fascinated by the old Chinese culture (cloths, paintings, buildings,  …) like I am,  this is more than you could ever dream of.  Visual beauty, enchantment and  romance, it is a breathtaking movie. 

So was House of the flying daggers, made by Zhang Yimou.

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I wonder... ...did you take photos of works I haven't covered yet? I'm guessing: yes.
So I'm waiting patiently, very curious.

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