The jousting tournament in Brugge : two stories


Well, there are two stories I can tell you about the jousting tournament in Bruges.  You may skip the first one.


1. It was a 30 € - disappointment for me because it was not what they had announced it would be.  The market wasn’t turned into a big swamp with natural obstacles, but into a small sand arena.  When the horses started riding, they already had to stop again.  There were no medieval Ladies. That the actors were world class and did spectacular stunts in movies as ‘The gladiator’,  yes I believe that, but their acts were very short and not fluently successive.  It was like you saw very short fragments of a movie and then what the actors did in between as well, and this narrated together by a circus presenter instead of by a storyteller.

History was done wrong and a battle and his fighters - late 13th century, period of a French capture of Flanders,  Guldensporenslag in 1302 : Flemings fight for their independence (and win !), two heroes from Bruges : Pieter De Coninck (a weaver) and Jan Breydel (a butcher) - were a bit ridiculised , at least in my eyes.  The huge white and the black screen in the background were very disturbing for getting good photos.


2. BUT let me zoom in on the show...

... and tell you a photo story of excitement, fights and heroes !!

“So please, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the fight.  And we need your support ! So, when the Flemings fight, what can I hear ?”  YEAH, VLAANDEREN DE LEEUW (Flanders the lion), HOERA (huray), VOORUIT (go for it), (YOU CAN DO IT) ! (very loud)  “And what do I hear when a Frenchman is on the winning hand ?”  BOOH, BOOH (very loud too)   “Yes, you are a great audience !”


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gevecht hallo hildegarde
je voelde je zeker wel weer echt teruggeworpen in de tijd met dit gevecht :-))

heel erg mooi om te zien en dat gezicht...
dat spreekt boekdelen ..


Gepost door: klaproos | 15-06-06

Joust 30 euro, that is far from cheap. Last time I saw a joust was in the Netherlands in "Het land van ooit".
They had a terrible accident there some months after I visited: one of the knights was killed during the joust.

Gepost door: pieterbie | 15-06-06

Worth 30€ ? Looks like a good time was had by a large crowd - but 30 € seems like a great deal of money! I hope that it was worth it.

In southern Ohio we have a Renaissance Fair that lasts for six to eight weeks during the summer. It is lots of fun to visit, but it looks like your jousts are better.

Gepost door: Rock Kauser | 15-06-06

mooi!! mooi?? wat zeg ik?? FASCINEREND...!!!!

Gepost door: f r e d | 16-06-06

Tja... ... goedkoop kan je dit zeker niet noemen, maar ik denk toch dat het de moeite en het geld waard is geweest! In elk geval heb ik van je platen genoten, en ik wed dat je er heel wat meer van in petto hebt!
PS: ai, is niet leuk hé, zo'n allergie? Dan mag je zeker geen enkel huisdier hebben?

Gepost door: gerdaYD | 16-06-06

Remembering I remembered the Gulden Sporen slag from history lessons during my schooltime in TheHague. Thank you for your images; they make history visible.

Gepost door: Rob | 17-06-06

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