The joust (5/5) (Steekspel Brugge 2006)



The Liebaarts and the Leliaarts  (1302)

The Liebaarts : “The supporters of the count of Flanders were called the Liebaarts. The word has a heraldic origin and means as much as lion or leopard. The coat of arms of the count of Flanders depicts a black lion on golden field. In the beginning only the Flemish nobility supported the count. As feudal lord, he tried to limit the power of the cities as much as possible. The commoners became Liebaarts at the French occupation of Flanders. At that time their strive was the same as that of the count: to keep Flanders free of French occupation.”

The Leliaarts : “This was the name of the supporters of the French king and French affairs in Flanders. The name is derived from the golden lilies on blue field in the French king's coat of arms. The Leliaarts used the lily as ornament in their houses and this primarily caused them this name. Most of them were rich patricians who had trade monopolies and therefore didn't wish the count's interference in their business. Therefore they turned directly towards the French king.”


Source : de Liebaart vereniging


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Close Toffe close-ups. Telelens of stond je echt zo dicht ? Waw zen !! De laatste foto doet mij denken aan de fietser die ik vanmiddag tegenkwam : gele fiets, rode broek en zwarte jas *hahaha* Cu

Gepost door: Ann | 23-06-06

imposant goeienavond hildegarde

die ridders blijven impoasant om te zien ..
wat zal die arme man het warm gehad hebben met zijn blote hoofd in de zon :-))


Gepost door: klaproos | 23-06-06

bottom one Like the bottom photo most of all somehow.
Funny: it is a cutout and yet it attracts me most of all.

Gepost door: pieterbie | 23-06-06

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