Reuzenolifant wandelt door Antwerpen



Nothing better to heal a city than this spectacle : thousands (more than 200.000 in 3 days) people, of all kind and color, together in utterly delight, in common emotion, with a broad grin of joy : this is making happy !

Despite all the intriguing machinery and mechanics and drivers, all you see are these smooth completely natural movements, you only see a giant elephant and everybody gets under his spell without any resistance.  This is a collective hallucination.  Every piece of lined wood, the ears of leather, the eyes that look around and the eye lids that blink, the belly that goes up and down from breathing : this has been studied and the designers have passed cum laude.  There is not one moment that you get one impression of  woodenliness or of  a puppet show, no, this is real.  A giant elephant is walking here and you have no other way than to walk with him, to follow him, to gape at him, to smile : this is a mega version of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  And you walk around post-enjoying for days.



The elephant not only walks, he is an elephant : he picks some leaves from street trees, he trumpets, looks around, sprays water with his proboscis, … and this in the marvelous scenery of the city of Antwerp and towering above the Lilliputians who gaze at him with a beatific smile.

Tomorrow I’ll show the drivers in detail and after that the giant girl comes in the story.



De Nederlandse tekst lees je in de log hieronder.  Morgen toon ik de bestuurders in detail en daarna komt de kleine reuzin.


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diner?? wat eet zo'n olifant nou nog??

Gepost door: f r e d | 11-07-06

Waw moet écht indrukwekkend geweest zijn zo te zien... Ikke gemist !

Gepost door: Ann | 11-07-06

Spray Love the way you caught the elephant spraying the people.
It amazes me how lifelike this work of art seems.

Gepost door: pieterbie | 11-07-06

Huge! Really impressive and in the same time enjpying shots.Thanks for the share.

Gepost door: Still | 12-07-06

Cool A shower and a spectacle all in one show!

Gepost door: Rock Kauser | 13-07-06

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