Boerenbenen - Farmer's legs

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OMG! They need their legs shaved! LOL!!! I love where they are standing. So do you live in a farm or the city? You photograph a lot of farm animals and polders.

Gepost door: Ces | 11-09-06

??? maken ze daar nu beenham van??

Gepost door: f r e d | 11-09-06

Legs This is ace. You have shown enough for us to imagine the rest of the scene far more vividly than if it had been in the frame. I’ve done this with geese and peacocks but this is a far grander scale. Bravo!

Gepost door: AG | 11-09-06

En denk om u tenen meneer! mijn vader zegt vaak: "een echte belg (belgisch paard) laat bij elke stap een scheet. Ik vind het overigens een prachtig 'beeldmoment.'

Gepost door: javga | 11-09-06

Sexy legs Sexy legs! ;-)

Gepost door: Sidney | 11-09-06

lol I love it. It made me laugh to see all of thier feet, but I think it's quite brilliant. Wonderful idea and great photo.

Gepost door: faustina | 11-09-06

Legs Fun all these legs.
You are right about the background I used for Carola, but I had little choice. I caught her just before a match and couldn't drag her away to a better background. Players are nog alowed to leave the match area.
So I had to make do with what I had, it wasn't exactly a studio condition.

Gepost door: pieterbie | 11-09-06

legs i think your photos display a lot of humour, obviously you have a good eye for these things. excellent.

Gepost door: david | 12-09-06

sexy legs ! Gaaf ! het zijn altijd van die mooie paarden deze belgische dikbillen...zo heten ze toch?...
Leuke foto !

Gepost door: Chameleon | 15-09-06

4 pictures Your pictures just speak to me. Thank you. I love the smell of onions and garlic (when they are not rotting) and to see all those onions is gratifying. It must smell good to drive by also. Second, Farmers legs. I preferred the Percherons or Belgiums legs best. So strong, and solid. What kind of horses were they? Twilight was soothing and I liked both fields of hay. The bright green one is real, I have seen it here and Ireland has bright green. The second green is also what one sees when it is not a wet summer. Both pictures are how it is sometimes. Keep up the good work.

Gepost door: jackie | 21-09-06

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