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Ieder zijn huis in de blogwereld en iedereen is welkom bij elkaar, daar gaat het over in onderstaand logje dat voor een keer alleen in het engels is omdat het verderborduurt op een Amerikaanse log.  Dus indien nodig : alle woordenboeken aan dek !  en als ik fut heb, zal ik het binnenkort ook in het Nederlands intypen.  U kan zich natuurlijk ook laten horen, dat kan de hele zaak versnellen !


If Ces dives into something, you better fasten your seatbelts !! On Wednesday November 15  (read Ces’s log of nov.15 !) she picks up the idea of Caroline of having a house on Blogworld Road (read Caroline’s log of nov. 15 and 16 ).  Within a day the road is filled with the most highly inventive houses ! - Meanwhile I am still thinking where I am and if I have a house. -  Caroline lives in n°13 in a lighthouse. Ces lives next door in a huge red barn.  The neighbors live respectively in an old leather boat, a magic faraway tree, a big Victorian - meanwhile I am thinking why there are no half-naked gardeners ?? -  a Spanish style house, a windmill, a fairytale cottage - meanwhile I am thinking that maybe I am living in the photographer’s block (where you have a room like in the movie “The fifth element” , the block lays behind mountains and seas) - an Infomaniac store (where you can get anything you want !), a house-of-tin, ……  And everybody is welcome at each other’s house ! Well, that is the essence, right ! As bloggers we all have a hospitable place and we all like to visit.  But do I have a house ?




This is not my house on Blogworld Road, but it could have been.




I do not live in this barn as you might have expected.




This is not my apartment in the Photographer’s block, although I might move there some day.  Each flat has a cozy and safe chamber and a projection room.




I do not live in the castle at the end of the labyrinth, although it appeals to me very much.



And no this is not my huge house with huge rooms, so I don’t have to clean it either.


No, actually it is not a house I have in the Blogworld, it is a big cardboard box and when it (the weather !) is too hot to be in a box,  it is a selfmade tent.  Remember the pleasure with which a kid plays in cardboard box and spends hours in a tent ?  Being in an own safe fantasy kingdom ? Well, that is the kind of box my blog is.  When you come in, it is like actually stepping into a photo of my world.  You feel the image, it is projected all around you, but meanwhile you are still in a comfortable seat and we talk.  Ah, you say, that makes me think of … and we learn each other’s likes and dislikes, ideas and opinions, each other’s creative selves, each other’s view on life, … and we open (one aspect or more of) our world for each other and create a safe and warm world.  How is that for a woman who thought she had lost all her illusions ? (big smile)

Of course I have my idea of your spot in the blogworld, but use your imagination and tell how you see it yourself ?


Photos : 1. house in D’Hoppe, 2. schuur te Doel, 3. building on “the Meir” in Antwerp, 4. the Lyons castle in Kassel (Germany) 5. Park Wilhelmhöhe in Kassel (Germany)

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Nice idea and nice series. I like a lot the number four...

Gepost door: Still | 19-11-06

This is such a beautiful post. I am inspired! You are welcome at my lighthouse whenever you desire.

Gepost door: Caroline | 20-11-06

Home An entertaining mental journey here : I like the sequencing and sense of revelation even without an ending and it has not gone unnoticed that each of those shots has been carefully prepared and choreographed! A most unusual posting and all-the-more welcome for that.

Gepost door: AG | 20-11-06

Actually you and Ces could start a virtual city/community of bloggers. Once your members build a few million houses you can start thinking of selling it to Google for a couple of billions...
Sorry, this is quite a materialistic post. ;-) and not exactly matching the spirit of your entry :-0

Gepost door: Sidney | 20-11-06

Welcome!!! Oh my gosh! Hildegarde, yes, indeed. This is a beautiful, fabulous post. You were able to move into Blogworld Road and still maintained the essence of your photography blog. You are so clever and so creative. I love that you live next to me. You can always move into my red barn. KJ is already moving in with her family and her dog. Or you can stop by anytime.

Blogworld Road is the best blog posting series I have seen in a while. In a matter of two days bloggers from England, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Belgium and the Philippines have built their houses and have become virtual neighbors. More bloggers are building new homes everyday.

Wouldn't it be great if the world was that peacefully settled?

Gepost door: Ces | 20-11-06


Het hoeft geen muur te zijn
met ruit en dak.
Het mag van hout
of rots
of klei
of blad
of ijs.

Een boot op het water
ja, een wagen op reis.
Een hutje mag,
een hol
of een paleis.
Een schelp van slak,
een nest op tak.
In Paramaribo
of Praag (Ted van Lieshout)

Of nu ook een virtuele stek ...
Inderdaad, Hildegarde, een héél inspirerend logje dit. KNAP!

Gepost door: gerdaYD | 20-11-06

hutje..... dat eerste stulpje zou me wel bevallen.....met een tuinman, huishoudster en een knecht voor algemene zaken.

Gepost door: f r e d | 20-11-06

Huisje Wanneer je een slak zou zijn,
met een huisje op je rug,
kon je wel honderd meter gaan,
en hoefde je niet meer terug.

Gepost door: Fialas | 20-11-06

hildegarde...goede middag... wij zijn tevreden met ons stulpke...zelfs moesten we de grote pot winnen, dan bleven we nog....en hildegarde in ben gaan kijken naar die kabouter en heb hem in mijn reservedoos gelegd....mag ik hem gebruiken ?? Zo niet...graag een mailtje aub !! Prachtige foto's...ik denk dat Jacoja..hier uren zou vertoeven...nog een vrolijk dag !! groetjes :-))pepino

Gepost door: pepino | 20-11-06

what a wonderful post! I love the ideas you have written about here too, what a great concept.

Gepost door: faustina | 20-11-06

ROBsBLOG Over een ongelooflijke plaatjessite gesproken !
Die van jou mag er OOK zijn :-)
P R A C H T I G !!!

Een hele fijne avond ...

Gepost door: RoB | 20-11-06

hi,hi... Funny blog...! I like the first one too, seems like a nice spot to live... And, I hate cleaning to!

Gepost door: javga | 20-11-06

Party Hildegarde, grab your hat. Let's go to Blogworld's party.

Gepost door: Ces | 20-11-06

Our house in the middle of our street I may not know where Blogworld Road is, but I know where the Pixie lives.

Gepost door: pieterbie | 20-11-06

OOOOH! I want to stroll down that labyrinth and I hope that it goes on for miles and miles.

Gepost door: homo escapeons | 28-11-06

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