Over kraaien en uilen - About crows and owls



Foto : Ransuil in het Schor Ouden Doel (echt, echt, echt - niks geen photoshop - en dat was zo’n buitengewoon geweldige waarneming)  (Long-eared Owl - real real real, no photoshop, and it was such a marvelous observation)

Tekst : advies aan een man die gevolgd wordt door een kraai, vreest van ook bezocht te worden door een uil en daar niet veel goeds in ziet.  Advies door Margina, consulente in grensgevallen (zoals de grens tussen land en zee, bos en grasland, fantasie en realiteit,  mannelijk en vrouwelijk, creativiteit en waanzin, mens en beest, chaos en orde, licht en donker, virtuele realiteit (met inbegrip van photoshop) en het echte leven,  enzoverder).

Dear Donn,


You are followed by a crow and you fear to see an owl, are there bad things coming your way ? (cfr. your post)


Well, first I have to know some more : do you recently have memory problems ? You see, the god Odin had two ravens as his messengers : Hugin (thought) and Mugin (memory) who informed him of what was going on in the world. 

“Two ravens sit on his shoulders and speak into his ear all the news they see or hear. Their names are Hugin and Mugin. (hier komt de uitdrukking tegen heug en meug = tegen beter weten in, van) He sends them out at dawn to fly over all the world and they return at dinner-time. As a result he gets to find out about many events. (Snorri, 33)”

But let’s not walk at this site of the border, at least not this time, and let ration speak.


1. When you ever should see an owl sitting on your window sill, this means three things :

A. You live in an area where owls can be found and that is marvelous news ! Seeing an owl makes me smile for at least a week.

B. You are up when you are supposed to be sleeping (what are you doing ? still blogging ?) That also explains why your grandmother saw an owl on the window sill before your grandpa died.  She must have been awake at an usual hour.  The owl was probably on that sill many times before : they have a certain routine in their night tour and they have their spots to sit and rest or look for prey. 

C. You have mice around the house.  Don’t leave your door open.


2. Now about the crow following you around. 

A. When a crow yells at you on top of the garage, you are in a territorial conflict : is it his garage or yours ?

B. As you bring up yourself : maybe he mistakes you for a neighbor who feeds him.  Or maybe it is a tame crow and he mistakes you for his master.  In both cases : don’t feed him and he or she will learn soon enough that there is nothing to get. 

C. If however this crow keeps following you and it happens often, well then you just have a new friend.  If on the other hand this crow starts …. oh, let’s not run ahead of what might happen … but even if it does : don’t panic, it is a phenomenon that sometimes happens, there is no explanation found for it so far, but there do are two remedies.  So, relax : nothing bad is going to happen … but for all safety, keep us informed. 


Sincerely, Margina,

consultant in borderline matters (such as the border between land and sea, forest and grassland, fantasy and reality, masculine and feminine, creativity and madness, black and white, man and beast, chaos and order, light and darkness, virtual reality (including photoshop) and real life, and so on)

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Here is the link http://homoescapeons.blogspot.com/2006/11/wholly-crow-help-over-last-couple-of.html

DOH-din! I have very selecytive short term memory but I can recall useless triva from my childhood...sometimes on demand!

Thanks for info..I believe the mice appeal would attract Owls althoughthere aren't that many in the city.
I know that people often befriend crows because they are smart birds and can even mimic a few words..how cool is that.

Thanks again for clearing up my little dilemma.

Gepost door: homo escapeons | 30-11-06

Owls Owls are seldom seen but often heard around my way in London. Your shot is a remarkable catch of a very special creature. And crows, yup, they seem more intelligent the more we get to know them.

Gepost door: AG | 30-11-06

First of all, what an excellent shot of the owl just perched on that post as if it isn't bothered at all by the camera and the person holding the camera.

Secondly, what fanstastic information. I thouroughly enjoyed bothe set of ecplanations. Thank you very much for sharing.

Gepost door: Ces | 30-11-06

Uil Great picture of a beautiful creature. The explanations of 'Margina' are very interesting and in my opinion very wise.

Gepost door: Wieneke | 30-11-06

Interesting post. Owls are quite rare those days. Nice you captured him so well.

Gepost door: Sidney | 30-11-06

owl-tastic! i guess this is a sight not often seen, and all the better for that - excellent stuff.

Gepost door: david | 30-11-06

Uil He Hildegarde, knappe foto ! Je hebt netjes het hoofd niet door de horizon doen gaan :-)

Gepost door: Ann | 30-11-06

uilenchance... idd. een knap zeldzame foto van een uil - pure "chance" (of heb je hem/haar niet écht zélf meegebracht & daar gezet ??? lol)

Gepost door: leflamand | 30-11-06

hoi hildegarde,
een machtig mooi eopnamen maar volgens mij een bosuil en geen ransuil,
deze heeft namelijk oortjes..


zie link..

maar de opname is prachtig

maak er een fijn weekend van hoor

Gepost door: klaproos | 30-11-06

wow You don't get many chances to spot AND take a photograph of an owl. You have done a great job. The way he stares back is quite intimidating I must admit!

Gepost door: javga | 30-11-06

ransuil Dit is wel degelijk een ransuil, hoor : oranje ogen, en de zo typische oortjes liggen hier plat tegen de kop, wat wel meer gebeurt als de vogel volkomen rustig zit. Bosuil tref je in dit gebied van open polders en schorren niet aan.

Gepost door: Hildegarde | 03-12-06

Echt echt mooi!

Gepost door: Cursief huigje | 06-12-06

Echt echt mooi!

Gepost door: Cursief huigje | 06-12-06

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