Boomnummers - Tree numbers (Gaume)


Juist over de grens, in Frankrijk, hebben sommige bomen een nummer, alsof de vogeltjes er een eigen adres hebben.

Just across the border, in France, some trees have a number, as if the birds have their own address there.

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Grappig Boomnummer.
Wel terug een mooie foto hoor! Je weet de bomen te kiezen.
Don't know why I'm commenting in Dutch here. Normally I prefer English. The language is more universal.

Gepost door: pieterbie | 16-12-06

I think it is a marvelous idea. I wish they numbered the trees in the jungles and the tropical forest. Too bad, they were all cut down, the forest denuded, that is why every typhoon season, the Philippines always have mudslides.

Gepost door: ces | 16-12-06

postbode..... gemakkelijk dus voor de omes gerritten (lees de fabeltjeskrant).

Gepost door: f r e d | 16-12-06

Numbered Quite separate from the cute numbering idea, this is also a fine photograph with the mist creating added perspective and the rich colors in the tree and moss. I find a certain reverence in standing before a tree such as this.

Gepost door: AG | 16-12-06

I'm absolutely not opposed against numbering trees. Why? There's a trick behind it.Youth might start understanding that trees are scarse, not plentifull.

The Gaume region in Belgium. Yes, I know. Very good micro climate over there.

Gepost door: bernard | 16-12-06

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