Na de storm - After the storm (Monfraguë, Extremadura)



Na een storm, leken de Steeneiken zich droog te schudden.


After a storm, the Holm oaks seemed to shake themselves dry.

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een eik is toch geen hondje?..........

Gepost door: f r e d | 22-06-07

I really like how there is just green and pink in this image. Very nice.

Gepost door: Robert | 22-06-07

I love the abundance of colour here. The image is simply full of leaves, plants, green! Excellent

Gepost door: groovyf | 22-06-07

ahhh beautiful. looks very pure and fresh....

Gepost door: javga | 22-06-07

magnifique photo

Gepost door: op | 22-06-07

This is a remarkably good photograph. The richness of color and light gives everything a look of permanence . . although, permanent, it is not.

Gepost door: AG | 23-06-07

Heerlijk verfrissende foto

Gepost door: beuzeblaadje | 24-06-07

Dit is zoooooo mooi ! Die bloemekes indat tegenlicht *zucht*

Gepost door: Ann | 25-06-07

Your trees are the best!

Gepost door: Ces | 27-06-07

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