Veilig en geborgen - Safe and secure (Dagpauwoog)


Dagpauwoog, veilig en geborgen in een Vlinderstruik (Buddleia).

European Peacock (Inachis io), safe and secure in a Butterfly bush (Buddleia).

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geborgen en goed gecamoufleerd. mooi sfeerbeeld

Gepost door: ludo | 21-07-07

wow! hildegarde, your photographs are getting better and better. as are your watercolors.

i owe you an email. i haven't forgotten.


Gepost door: kj | 21-07-07

halen dagpauwogen de avond wel.....??

Gepost door: f r e d | 21-07-07

AscenderRisesAbove I went to the local garden last night to take lovely photos (filoli gardens) $25 for three hours. When I got home I was dismayed that to find out that my color was wrong on them. There were a handful that came out with the blue whites - like this but the rest were a blue tint. so frustrating. but occassionally it would work and glow - like this one. though mine was on accident; and yours is sheer skill.

Gepost door: AscenderRisesAbove | 21-07-07

Op die vlinderstruik zijn ze altijd wel te vinden, maar dan moet je ze fotograferen en dat heb je hier heel mooi gedaan!

Gepost door: MJ | 21-07-07

Such a soft and silent touch to this as if the leaves have just been gently parted. I see an artist at work here!

Gepost door: AG | 21-07-07

beautiful shot!!! A beautiful butterfly on a lovely flower.

Gepost door: Intern | 21-07-07

Lovely soft shot of this beautiful creature.

Gepost door: groovyf | 21-07-07

dagpauw zijn ze zo'n kort leven beschoren.
ze doen nochthans hun best.

Gepost door: ludo | 22-07-07

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