My impression of Amsterdam



Mijn indruk van Amsterdam in het Nederlands, staat bij de vorige foto.


Now I am absolutely not a city person, not at all, but Amsterdam was a match.  So green ! Every tile that can be left open, is planted.  In every tub and in every object that can be filled and placed somewhere, there are plants.  Many house boats are full of plants.  A front yard in a Flemish city is usually full of tiles or gravel, has a monotone short cut lawn or a single buxus, but here front yards are a complete wood.  No nagging here about high trees (they take away the light, there are leaves falling off, they grow), no raking to remove every pile of weed, but flowers, bushes and trees in abundance, with even a spot for a table and a bench in between, sometimes even a swing. In Amsterdam there is an optimum use of every square decimeter for green.  The result : a city that I experience as livable and cozy and where I feel at ease.  An average Fleming immediately goes into the attack with pruning shears and poisoning can, what a wilderness, what a shame.  But not here, here there obviously is an agreement that green is cozy.  All the time people cycle along.  They look, I don’t know very well how to express it, but they don’t look average : they look artistic, with a very own and outspoken personality, free, individualized, full of character.  Their expression and their clothing shows it.  They dress unique, tasteful and striking in their original combination of garments.  Very beautiful.  I’d like to make dozens of portraits, but everything goes too fast.  Lots of bikes have a personal touch too and they get everything done : carrier bikes (with happy kids in it) or two easy child seats at the back.  And further there is water everywhere with trees at the sides : canals with house boats and sailing boats and bridges.  I experience that as very pleasant too.  Amsterdam is also full of markets and stalls and shops : think of something and you can find it there.  There is a whole bunch of everything : terraces, restaurants, coffeeshops, shops, second hand books, wooden shoes, tulip bulbs, bikes, bridges, boats, canals, people, cycling people, coloured people, and also museums, a botanical garden, a zoo, a subway (large but rather filthy), an extraordinary photo exhibition in the open air (Spirit of the wild), a China town, small high houses with typical facades, hotels, chips stands (with real Flemish fries), it is very busy too and a lot of store and catering personal forgot that they can speak Dutch.  They do understand you in Dutch, it even is their mother tongue, but only English keeps coming out of their mouth.  Very bizarre.  Undisciplined behavior you can observe there too.  To cross the road, there is a counter : you only have to wait 34 seconds before you may cross, the numbers are counting down to help you pass this waiting time, yes waiting is incredibly difficult for them.  Then a woodpecker starts pecking, very cozy, so that you also can hear that you may cross now, but it doesn’t help : after 16 seconds half of the road crossers ignores the red stop light.  Imagine driving there or cycling : attention, crossing wild life !  But furthermore nothing but good.  Oh yes, there is also a tremendous choice in post cards, I’ve never seen so many different ones.  OK, that’s about all. In the next days I’ll show you some photos to illustrate my impressions.

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Ook deze foto met die holandse huisjes is weer knap.

Gepost door: P-TER | 05-08-07

typisch mooi in beeld gezet.
lijkt wel , een peperkoeke wereldje.
raampjes en deurtjes , mooi afstekend.
al die grote contrasten.
in de straat is dat evenzeer.
mooi gedaan

Gepost door: ludo | 05-08-07

Wow, Hildie, that's a spectacular picture. And your narrative and feelings about what you saw bring us right there and are also so revealing about you and Belgium, too.

This truly is the beauty of Europe, a place I love. Thanks so much for reminding me of it but also for your impressions and feelings about it.

Gepost door: withinwithout | 05-08-07

Wonderful shot! Just as I remember it from my days in the film industry working many times in Amsterdam.

Gepost door: Robert | 05-08-07


het verbaast ons niet dat wij de mooiste zijn
zeggen de gevels
het zou niemand moeten verbazen
neuriet het water

this is pata negra-country
hier broeden de salonboten
en groene stalen bruggen ademen
het vertrouwen dat we eeuwig zijn
het is hier altijd laat van licht en tijd

de moeder van de grachtengordel
drijft een beautyshop voor platbodems
aan het ongelijk plaveisel

this is pata negra-country
je moet er iets voor doen om hier te wonen
en niemand zal vertellen wat
© Adriaan Jaeggi

Benieuwd naar de rest van je impressies!

Gepost door: gerdaYD | 05-08-07

hildegarde als ik niet beter wist zou ik zeggen..
liefde op het eerste gezicht:-)
wat een prachtige beschrijving van amsterdam, dat mag van mij in de reisgids erbij,
je hebt absoluut gelijk,
amsterdam is een heel mooie speciaal groene stad.

geniet van vandaag :-)


Gepost door: klaproos | 05-08-07

Amsterdam, die mooie stad... is gebouwd op palen (zo gaat het oude liedje). Je hebt weer goed om je heen gekeken, merk ik wel. Dat groen overal is inderdaad heel erg leuk, het geeft iets heel onschuldigs en vriendelijks aan de stad. Amsterdam is natuurlijk om den donder niet onschuldig, maar je begrijpt wel wat ik bedoel. Ik zie uit naar de rest van de fotoshow :-)

Gepost door: Wieneke | 05-08-07

I have never heard of anyone saying anything negative about Amsterdam. Everyone I met who has been there told me to go. So I think we will someday soon.

Gepost door: ces | 05-08-07

Ik heb je lofzang over Amsterdam bij je vorige log gelezen! Mooie foto van de vele mooie en indrukwekkende geveltjes he?
Ja, ik hou ook van Amsterdam maar dan wel voor één dag!


Gepost door: beuzeblaadje | 05-08-07

Beautiful. i would like to visit Amsterdam again...

Gepost door: Still | 05-08-07

I like the skyline of the building roofs...very well done!

Gepost door: James | 05-08-07

So very pretty, and it looks like a toy village. Your description of Amsterdam is fantastic, and I feel that I've visited just reading your words. I did visit way back in 1975 and thought it was charming. My sister lives there half the year now, and I'm hearing about it from her. She lives between two canals, lucky woman!

Gepost door: Ruth | 06-08-07

it's so picturesque! I never thought Amsterdam was this pretty!

Gepost door: Menchie | 06-08-07

Ik ben in lang niet in Amsterdam geweest, maar door zo'n prachtige serie gaat het weer kriebelen.

Gepost door: elly | 06-08-07

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