Tears of the Giraffe


“The man spoke correct Setswana, but his accent confirmed the visible signs.  Underneath the vowels, there were clicks and whistles struggling to get out.  It was a peculiar language, the San language, more like the sound of birds in the trees than people talking.”  … “… in that peculiar language of theirs - you know how it is, all those sounds like trees in the wind and twigs breaking.”

(Extract of the adventures of Precious Ramotswe, Botswana’s only female private detective, in “Tears of the giraffe”, Alexander McCall Smith, 2000)

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die giraffen tranen lijken mij lang onderweg te zijn.

Gepost door: f r e d | 27-06-08

MOOIE FOTO Van een mooi beeldje!

Gepost door: pieterbie | 28-06-08

I love this! The quote and the giraffe. Really sparks the imagination. And that photo is so soft and lovely.

Gepost door: Ruth | 29-06-08

wow.......what beautiful language, what a beautiful image....

Gepost door: kj | 30-06-08

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