Compositie in rood - Composition in red (photoshop)



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That is certainly different. I can't tell if it's a real picture or a painting. It's very pretty though!

Gepost door: dot | 26-08-08

Een knap werkje. Staaltje van je kunnen.

Gepost door: Martine | 26-08-08

Wandering Around Kansas Beautiful!

Gepost door: Larry D | 26-08-08

My lovely flowers Fantastic flowers, wonderful red!!!
A great post in TODAY'S FLOWERS!
Thanks for post flowers!
Hope you come back every week!


Gepost door: Luiz Santilli Jr. | 26-08-08

What a gorgeous pic! Stunning reds! And the touch of bird and lace creates a wonderful dreamscape!

Gepost door: Gemma | 26-08-08

It's an art piece you could hang on your wall!

Gepost door: Christine | 26-08-08

that is very pretty and very unique

have you ever entered the Creative Photography project? there's a button on my sidebar if you're interested

Gepost door: Dianne | 27-08-08

@ Larry D. Here is my comment on your photo for Flowers today : "Aha, you have compost piles : that's the way to work ecological ! A beautiful photo of a beautiful flower, "morning glory" : sounds wonderful (it's always a pleasure to discover plant names in another language)" (I can't comment on your blog, I need the option : name/URL + your E)mail address doesn't work)

Gepost door: Hildegarde | 27-08-08

absolutely beautiful

Gepost door: judysteapot | 27-08-08

blommas hage What a beautiful picture! Nice work!

Gepost door: heidi | 31-08-08

What a lovely composition you've made of these elements. Well done!

Gepost door: Pat | 02-09-08

Beautiful! :-)

Gepost door: 2sweetnsaxy | 22-09-08

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