SkyWatch #7 : De leeuw en de hoed - The lion and the hat (Maastricht)


Wat moet je doen als je een boze struisvogel tegenkomt ? Dan steek je je hoed op een stok en houdt die boven je uit.  De struisvogel denkt dan dat je groter bent dan hij en laat je met rust. (uit een boek van Alexander McCall Smith, over de avonturen van Precious Ramotswe, de enige vrouwelijke detective van Botswana).  Wel, misschien is dat wel wat deze windwijzerleeuw doet.  Iets anders kan ik niet bedenken. En jij ?

What to do when you meet an angry ostrich ? You put your hat on a stick and hold it above you.  The ostrich then thinks that you are bigger than he is and leaves you alone. (from a book of Alexander McCall Smith, about the adventures of Precious Ramotswe, the only female detective of Botswana).  Well, maybe that’s what this weathercock lion is doing.  I can’t think up something else, can you ?


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Very witty! :-)

Gepost door: merisi | 04-09-08

ik weet het niet hildegarde,
ik vind de leeuw wel wat hebben;-)


Gepost door: klaproos | 04-09-08

Perfect catch for sky watch! Clouds fill the skies above us and they are always part of our every day lives... Mine's up too hope you can drop dy!

Gepost door: prettylifeonline | 04-09-08

travel and photography absolutely wonderful shot! neat and clean..awesome..

Gepost door: norm | 04-09-08

Fantastic shot and great composition.

Gepost door: Photo Cache | 04-09-08

Love your Sky Watch today, Hildegarde! The lion weathercock is intricate and stands out clearly against the sky.
I also enjoy Alexander McCall Smith's stories of Precious Ramotswe.

Gepost door: Pat | 04-09-08

Inderdaad Klaproos, die leeuw heeft wat: een hoed.

Gepost door: Martine | 04-09-08

Awesome photo!

I enjoy the No. 1 Ladies Detective series with Mma. Ramotswe. I was fortunate to meet Mr. Alexander McCall Smith of several occasions when he came to NYC. He's very nice.


Gepost door: Paz | 05-09-08


Gepost door: ChrisCandJonJ | 05-09-08

Maybe that's just what the lion is doing. ;-) He really stands out against the lovely cloudy sky. Happy Sky Watch Friday!

Gepost door: east Gwillimbury Wow! | 05-09-08

I like the photo - and the story. I will try to remember the trick about the hat on a stick!

Gepost door: Bobbie in Hawaii | 05-09-08

I love the story and the photo! :-)

Gepost door: 2sweetnsaxy | 05-09-08

lol! superb catch and commentary!

Gepost door: magiceye | 05-09-08

nou..... 't is weer even geleden dat er bij mij in de straat een struis liep.

Gepost door: f r e d | 05-09-08

At first I thought it was a kind of bell the lion was ringing, but now I see: it is definitely a hat :-))
Good SWF, Hildegarde. I am going to put mine on my blog now.

Gepost door: Wieneke | 05-09-08

excellent picture

Gepost door: laura | 05-09-08

I love the lion at the top. Happy Friday!

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Gepost door: Tink *~*~* | 05-09-08

Maybe the lion is a standard-bearer in an animal parade!!!LOL

Gepost door: marina | 05-09-08

Very fun and creative; great sky! My husband's last name resembles a lion.

Gepost door: Christine | 05-09-08

Isn't Precious Ramotswe a wonderful character? I love your Skywatch photo! :)

Gepost door: maryt/theteach | 06-09-08

Wonderful picture!

Gepost door: Chris | 06-09-08

such a pretty weathercock, and a lovely sky!

Gepost door: mary | 06-09-08

Great shot, just like that quote you added... Didn't heard it before...

Gepost door: javga | 06-09-08

What an awesome weathervane!!! I love it.

Gepost door: Misty Dawn | 06-09-08

Certainly a different weather vane to what we normally see on towers etc.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message.

Gepost door: gailsman | 07-09-08

Very dramatic when I see just a part of an object against the sky.

Gepost door: ces | 07-09-08

leuk gezien Heel tof die foto!

Gepost door: pieterbie | 04-10-08

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