Groene auto - Green car (Shadow Shot Sunday #7, Lokeren)


Wanneer de natuur lang genoeg haar gang mag gaan, overdekt ze alles : tempels, ongebruikte autowegen en blijkbaar ook auto’s.

When you let nature go her own way, she covers everything : temples, unused driveways and apparently also cars.


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What a fascinating collection of shadows all gathered in one intriguing scene! Love the old auto! It seems to be crumbling beneath the weight of shadows! Great shot!

Gepost door: Gemma | 21-03-09

Really great shot and so much in one! You really did great! Thanks for sharing!

Gepost door: Sylvia | 21-03-09

Yeah! the older the better...

THis shot is so natural in it's way. Good job!

Gepost door: chie | 21-03-09

Lots of shados in this photo!

My Shadow Shot Sunday post is at
More" target="_blank">http://MoreofMe24.blogspot.com/">More of Me - EG

Gepost door: east Gwillimbury Wow! | 22-03-09

une oeuvre d'art un peu oubliée ;)

Gepost door: lasiate | 22-03-09

What a neat picture (as well as the shadow!) Love the moss on that roof, and that yellow-lime-rust on the van...it really is a striking picture to look at!

Gepost door: The Summer Kitchen Girls | 22-03-09

I like this. The car has become a very cool sculpture. What a great find!

Just left a comment but don't think it worked...I'll try again. Fingers crossed this time!

Gepost door: Tracy | 22-03-09

This is almost like a painting - old is sometimes good!

Gepost door: Robyn | 22-03-09

Wonderful shot!

Gepost door: ahab | 22-03-09


SSS greetings from Cairo, Egypt!

Gepost door: BLOGitse | 22-03-09

sss greetings from Cairo, Egypt!

Gepost door: BLOGitse | 22-03-09

Hier is het wachten op de totale ineenstorting!

Gepost door: tagrijn | 22-03-09

this is such a fantastic scene, so much texture and age

Gepost door: Dianne | 22-03-09

lovely! Wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing.

Gepost door: Two Barking Dogs | 22-03-09

So much to see & absorb in your shadow shot--thanks for sharing your perspective. Greetings from St Louis, MO!

Gepost door: Jane | 24-03-09

There's so much to see & absorb in your shadow shot. Thanks for sharing your perspective! Greetings from St Louis, Missouri!

Gepost door: Jane | 24-03-09

Een paradijs van prachtige details op die auto.

Gepost door: Martine | 27-03-09

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