Zonnebloemen op het dak - Sun flowers on the roof (Aachen, Today’s Flowers # 18)



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They seems to like a lot the plants... I suppose that there is a nice ambience between people living in this house.

Gepost door: Still | 14-09-09

They seems to like a lot the plants. I suppose there is a nice ambience between the people who are living there.

Gepost door: Still | 14-09-09

That is so cool! The only thing missing is a lawn on the roof!

Gepost door: Valkyrien | 14-09-09

unique That looks pretty unique to me. Sunflowers on the roof.

Gepost door: pieterbie | 15-09-09

carletta's captures The flowers break up the expanse of glass and give the house a softer look. I bet it's gorgeous when all the plantings are in bloom.

Gepost door: Carletta | 15-09-09

A lovely photo for Today's Flowers. Thank you for sharing.

Gepost door: Denise | 16-09-09

Special solution, sunflowers gives the sun even if the sky is not.

Gepost door: Mia N | 16-09-09

Flowers do make things beautiful.

Many thanks for co-hosting this meme.

Gepost door: Japa | 20-09-09

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