Volkswagen (Lier, Today’s flowers #19)



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Love it

Gepost door: coffeedoff | 20-09-09

Matt black and pink . . a statement that went way beyond fashion.

Gepost door: AG | 20-09-09

What a sweet buss

Gepost door: Magdalena | 20-09-09

Here you have taken photo of a beautiful and colorful VW bus,:) It becomes less and less of them.

Gepost door: Rune | 20-09-09

Today's Flowers event Thank you for posting this very pretty picture.
Reminds of old hippie days, Woodstock and flower girls.
Thank you for sharing.
- Cheers from Canada.

Gepost door: guild-rez | 21-09-09

Carletta's Captures Ok, I love the purple flowers draping over the stone wall; but that VW Bus with the flowers has my heart!
I so wanted something like that when I was in college. :)

Gepost door: Carletta | 21-09-09

A brilliant and clever post. I love this photo. Thank you very much for sharing with Today's Flowers. Have a great week.

Gepost door: Denise | 21-09-09

That is cute... flower power !

Gepost door: Sidney | 21-09-09

Wow, a rare antique! What's so great is it is one of a kind.

I also like the flowers behind, and wonder why the sign is down?

Gepost door: Ruth | 21-09-09

Nice!! I love this photo. Back in the 60-ties and flowerpower!!

Gepost door: HansHB | 21-09-09

leuke wagen;

van iemand die nog zweert met flower - power ?

Gepost door: willy | 21-09-09

This vehicle evoques a lot of nice moments... :-)))

Gepost door: Still | 21-09-09

Always wanted one of those. In South Africa we called them Combies

Gepost door: Baruch | 22-09-09

wow, wat een leuk flower power busje!!

Gepost door: fotorantje | 22-09-09

Flower power, route 66 ... Lierke plezierke ;-)))

Gepost door: wim | 22-09-09

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