Koeien in de wei, ballon in de lucht - Cows in the pasture, balloon in the air (SkyWatch Friday #54, Zevergem)


Cows in the pasture, balloon in the air or not much is happening here.  However, when walking there two cyclists said : you can’t go further, there’s a bull on the road.  Is this nonsense, we wondered, but no : a bull went through the fence, 3 pasture piles and the barbed wire down on the ground. When a bull decides to go somewhere, he does so. And don’t tell me anything about bulls, I don’t trust them and I think it is a wise thing to do so. But ok, the bull was probably surprised by this own action and was laying down a few meters off the road, so we dared to pass him. Pffffew. (no Dutch today, too tired).


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an interesting picture..and story too!

Gepost door: Annie | 23-10-09

Great rural scene.

Gepost door: J Bar | 23-10-09

Postcard Pretty! love the cows, clouds and hot air balloon and your commentary :o)

Gepost door: Maria | 23-10-09

heel mooi zicht

en de koeien bleven er nog rustig bij..

Gepost door: willy | 23-10-09

So nice. The balloon is a nice surprise.

But here, we are having too much media attention to the "balloon boy" and that's the first thing I thought of. :|

Gepost door: Ruth | 23-10-09

Beautiful photo!

Gepost door: coffeedoff | 23-10-09

this is no bull: what i would give to just have one day with you and camera. i would follow you and learn so much. xoxo

Gepost door: kj | 24-10-09

The bull wanted trust and a little friendship.
Happy weekend.

Gepost door: Marius | 24-10-09

Ooooh, how scary! I hope you did not wear something red? Why did not you stop and make a picture of the bull for us :-)))

Gepost door: Wieneke | 24-10-09

very interesting...

Gepost door: Miss Marian | 25-10-09

Dutch for the birds on friday sky watch ;-))))

Gepost door: wim | 26-10-09

such a pretty pastoral sight!

Gepost door: mary | 29-10-09

Uw foto's worden alsmaar beter ...

Met vriendelijke groeten

Irimi (formely known as Mizu)

Gepost door: Irimi | 07-11-09

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