Greetings in the kitchen, but I can't grasp time (scene 33, postcrossing, postkaarten, koelkast)

greetings in the kitchen, postcards



Thanks to Postcrossing there is a new postcard scene on the fridge every week and that’s such a big pleasure in our life. I was keeping track of it with photos, weekly, but now I see it was only a trial to record the passing of time or even to slow it down. Of course, one can say : why not ? There are people recording all sorts of things in photos on daily / weekly / … base (a garden view, a tree, their kid, themselves, the construction of something, …), but I suppose all this means the most to the recorder himself.  And for myself I think that now and then a postcard scene will be fine too, I can not grasp time and make it slow down. And after all, as a postcrosser I also have a wall of sent, received, popular and favourite postcards on my account, so there I can look back in time.

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