Inside the Dansing Chocola

I can count the times that I dare to go for a drink in a pub on my own on my one hand.  But after my long walk yesterday, I really got cold.  The Dansing Chocola or The holy house (Het heilig huisje) ? (both on the picture with the holy figures) The first seems a bit more inviting. Inside it is cozy and warm.  There is a light smell of toilets (let's ignore that).  I order a cup of tea : I get a mug (ancient too) with a crack in it from the top to the bottom and it is so convincing that I expect the hot water to be streaming out of the cup at the back, but it isn’t : a layer of glazing keeps the drink in the mug.  I sip at my tea on my own and look around a bit.  The feather lights spread warm colors.  People are friendly talking with each other.  Yes, this is a cozy place, but I wished I wasn’t alone.

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And in this pedestrian tunnel : a student club (I suppose) with a beer mug around the neck and rolling a barrel of Antwerpian beer (De Coninck : "the taste of Antwerp") through the tunnel (the noise filling the air) and I turn into a tourist in my own neighborhood. Yes, this is Flanders.

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Reading the newspaper, BUT …

… watch closely : not after the laundry is hung on the line (house duties first !).

 Just a coincidence of course : those clothes are probably a rest of the promotion for Laundry Day, a music event in Antwerp.  Or do you know why they are hanging there above the Meir ?

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The non-existing grocery shop

Decorated hovel, Rotterdamstraat near the St.Jansplein in Antwerp.  On the door there even is a little board painted that says “open”.

Anna and I were in that neighborhood looking for trousers in cotton or linen, made in very fine tissue, so you can easily wear them under a skirt.  Sometimes the legs of these trousers can be tightened with a ribbon below.   Women of  some cultures (Arabian or from India) often combine a dress or skirt with such fine trousers.  These pants are not easy to find, so where can they be bought ? 

Tips and shop locations are welcome.

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Escalator to ...

… the land of chocolate.  Picture taken in the subway in Antwerp.  Commercial of Côte d’Or chocolate ( Gold Coast - Ghana , place where they got their cacao in the beginning ).  Their logo is an elephant with palm trees.  The mark exists since 1883 and the image of the elephant is very known.

The land of chocolate ? Chocolate first is imported in Flanders and the Netherlands during the Spanish occupation  in the 16th century  (well, well, a bright side).  The Spanish learned to know the drink when they invaded Mexico.  And there the use of  tchocoatl goes back to the culture of the Maya’s , who already had cacao plantations around the years 600 !!  

Remember from history class : coffee, tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco, turkeys, … were other new products that the Spanish brought into Europe

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Fond of the city. Crazy about you.

You in the dialect of Antwerp is A and A is also the symbol of Antwerp.

Lots of initiatives are taken in Antwerp to make the city as cozy and attractive as possible.

Here you see a banner on the St.Jansplein.


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