De olifanten van Botha - The elephants of Botha ((Tervuren, Museum voor Midden-Afrika, Royal Museum for Central Africa, WeekdayPhotos : Urban)



De olifanten van de Zuid-Afrikaanse kunstenaar Andries Botha : In 2006 wandelden ze aan de zee voor Beaufort II, daarna werden ze aangekocht door de Zoo van Antwerpen en nu staan ze hier aan het Museum voor Midden-Afrika voor de tentoonstelling ‘Congostroom’ n.a.v. 50 jaar onafhankelijkheid van Congo.

The elephants of the South-African artist Andries Botha : in 2006 they walked at the Flemish seaside for Beaufort II (art at the seaside), then they were bought by the Antwerp Zoo and now they are here at the Museum for Central Africa for the exhibition ‘Congo stream’ in connection with the 50 year independence of Congo.


Oh dierbaar Antwerpen - Antwerp animalized (olifanten, Botha)


Vorig jaar stonden ze in de Panne voor Beaufort II (kunst aan de kust). Nu zijn de olifanten van de Zuid-Afrikaan Andries Botha gekocht door de Zoo van Antwerpen en wijzen ze bezoekers op het Astridplein de weg naar de Zoo gedurende het ‘Oh dierbaar Antwerpen’ festival, dat gedurende 5 maanden focust op de relatie tussen mens en dieren in de stad.


Last year they stood in de Panne for Beaufort II (art at the sea-side).  Now the elephants made by the South-African Andries Botha are bought by the Antwerp Zoo and they show visitors on the Astrid Square the way to the Zoo during the ‘Antwerp animalized’ festival, that during 5 months focuses on the relationship between men and animals in the city.

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Beaufort II : Harbinger, Jane Alexander, Oostduinkerke


This is the Harbinger (cfr. June 11 on this blog), walking outside the barge.  At night they put him inside. That’s where Pieterbie met him, standing in a corner without his cap.  You can check it here.


Note : the 8000 is coming closer on the counter, if you are the one : let it know !

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Beaufort II : Knokke, Zhan Wang, Floating Mountain of Immortals


A complete sunset at my disposal : pure luxury, a spectacle with continuously changing colors (and all for free), a work of art and a wonderful beach walk from Knokke till the nature reserve ‘het Zwin’.  We are here at the most east side of the Belgian coast and touching the border with the Netherlands.

With the shining rocks (a “jiashanshi” :  a natural rock but it also means a fake mountain rock)   that you see on these photos ZHAN WANG (°1962, China) questions tradition and authenticity, so the guide book of Beaufort II tells.  There are also human figures on the floating rock : hermits that are fishing, but they also would have a laptop and a cell phone.  I couldn’t see them : it was high tide and the rock was quite far. 

If you visit this place, I am looking forward to see your photo view on this piece of art.


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Beaufort II : Nieuwpoort, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov (Oekraïne)


“The fallen sky” : it speaks for itself.  A very original idea, humoristic too.

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Beaufort II : Oostduinkerke, Jane Alexander


The composition of JANE ALEXANDER, a South-African artist (°1959) is overwhelming, it touched me, it impressed me deeply.

At the tram stop “Schipgat” you walk towards the beach and there is a canal boat in the sand (38 meters long).  Out of the hold a creature walks : it is the herald (voorbode) = the harbinger.

“HARBINGER WITH BARGE AND IMPERIAL LANDSCAPE (NORTH SEA)” is the title of this art installation.  Imperial landscape as description for the North Sea : that’s a match !  The harbinger : wonderful !! 

And then you walk into the hold of the barge : very pleasant wooden joists as a floor, orange metal sides with ribs, the sun light that falls in through the covering plates is yellow and blue, you are inside, it feels comfortable.  In this belly of the boat you meet hybrid figures, on the floor there are 500 pair of red plastic gloves and there are machetes : they point to the violent South-African history and the apartheid.  I understood by feeling.  It’s difficult but I am not going to show you the full Harbinger and only a small photo of the hold, so that there is room for you to go and experience it yourself.


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Beaufort II : at Malibu beach (California, US) (read : de Panne, Belgium)


Yes, Malibu it says on the beach cabins ! But we are in de Panne, the most western place of the Belgian coastline, touching the border with France, however ... when you see :



A herd of ELEPHANTS walks towards the sea : I really wanted to see this and I am not disappointed, on the contrary ! I am very enthusiastic about it.

It is a work of the South-African ANDRIES BOTHA and a team of 10  black artists.

On Pieterbie’s blog you can find already 19 works of Beaufort II.  It is wise to take a preview so you can select what you really don’t want to miss. 

The guidebook of Beaufort 2006 (pocket, hard cover, 5 €) is interesting, but on the Beaufort-site there is not so much to find.

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Beaufort II

Yesterday I visited 4 works of art of Beaufort II (an outside exposition of works of art along the Belgian coastline).  To make the title real the wind was blowing hard, but the sun was present too.  With the coast tram you can travel very easy to the locations that you select, you can walk along the beach as far as you can and want, and then take the tram again.  It is a very pleasant manner to travel along the coastline and let you surprise by the art works.  I have some photos, but they have to wait a little while until I've finished my selection of photos of … the Procession of the Holy Blood as you might have guessed. Until June 11 there is an exposition in Antwerp of photos of  KAREL RIMANQUE ( Galerie Het vijfde huis ) , photos that present an unique look on the world of allotment gardens ( volkstuintjes ).  I always thought of allotment gardens as ‘quite a mess’ until more recently I started to see that it was a typical phenomenon of our time and place.  Garden houses and green houses in allotment gardens are often build of all sorts of reused and garbage like material and there seems to be a tendency that used materials stay there and never are cleaned up.  Anyway, K. Rimanque knows how to catch enchanting beauty by making use of reflections and looks through steamed up and moss-grown windows and plastic.  And the benefits of the sale are for Vredeseilanden (an support organization for poor farmers in the south).  The movie ‘THE PROMISE’ (Wu ji) of CHEN KAIGE is a Chinese fairytale and wuxia ( a Chinese sword epic ).  If you are a fairytale fanatic AND fascinated by the old Chinese culture (cloths, paintings, buildings,  …) like I am,  this is more than you could ever dream of.  Visual beauty, enchantment and  romance, it is a breathtaking movie. 

So was House of the flying daggers, made by Zhang Yimou.

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